City of Song

Sorrento has been enchanting travelers, explorers, emperors, artists and poets since the Grand Tour.  Hailed the city of song, for its famous taranantella and Torna a Surriento, Neapolitan folk dance and iconic song, and enjoy this city by the sea whose beautiful gardens, a spilling piazza, ancient churches, excellent restaurants, and Piazza Tasso, named after the 16 century poet, Torquet Tasso, sweep you away.

Discover the lively main square-Piazza Tasso.  Meander its tiny old-world cobblestone streets and visit its museums and tempting gelato or ice cream shops.  Sorrento has something for everyone.  Blessed by the warm year-round climate, it’s known for its red cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, Pizza Margherita, and delicious sfogliatelle.

Artisan shops line the old center, including limoncello producers, chocolate makers, leather crafters, and wine and cheese shops.  Family-owned Italian markets also populate the narrow cobblestone streets displaying their seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Our favorite, Ristorante Tasso, is named after Torquato Tasso, the poet born in Sorrento is 1544.  He went there to write La Gerusalemme Liberata in 1580, and his name will never be forgotten.  Cut through the square and enjoy lunch or dinner there.  Sorrento’s perfect geographic location makes for an excellent day trip.

After dining, sit back at Fauno Bar in Piazza Tasso and order a creamy gelato, steamy cappuccino, or local wine, while Luciano Pavarotti’s rendition of Torna a Surrient plays.  Its romantic lyrics have been calling visitors to return to Sorrento since its composition in 1902.

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