Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to thank you for your reply to my friend Helga on the Lemon Lifestyles cooking class. That was very kind of you. We received our oregano and cooking class recipes from our driver on the 20th, so thank you.

I did want to say as well that our drivers were both wonderful! We loved them both, and they provided amazing service. They were extremely professional, and just exceptionally good. Absolutely wonderful value for the money. We had Joseph to pick us up, and Alfredo to get us to the airport. They were there on time and really went the extra mile to get us to our villa. We loved both of them and I promised them that I would let you know how happy we were with them and the service they provided. No stress and no worry, and they were both charming. Thank you and please thank them both again!

Thanks so much again Lauren for everything, and all the very best!

Kind regards,
Ms. D. Wadsworth

Ms. D. Wadsworth USA

Dear Rino and troupe:

I just wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you again for the wonderful trip. As summer progresses, I find myself thinking often of the great memories of my time in Positano and Tuscany as well as the breathtaking landscapes. It was fun meeting all of you and sharing a moment in your lives there. I especially loved the wonder, beauty and charm of Positano and the people there. As well, the peace and comfort of the Tuscany countryside was complemented by the friendliness and openness of the people at Podre and will always have a special place in my heart.

Rebecca S. USA

Dear Rino and Staff at Italy Car Drivers,

Thank you for showing us Italy! We could have never done it without you. Thank you for stopping at the shopping spots and panoramic stops along the way. We covered a lot of ground traveling with Italy Car Drivers and cannot wait to return.

Grazie Mille!

Mr. and Mrs. Cohen Florida, USA

Ciao Rino and all the drives at Italy Car Drivers.

Thank you a million and more for our personalized trip throughout Italy. Revisiting where my great grandparents came from was an amazing and emotional part of our vacation. We reconnected with a lost generation. Thank you for driving us, guiding us and assisting in the translation of paperwork at City Hall. A big round of thanks to all of you at Italy Car Drivers.


Anna Ruggerio Montreal, Canada

Our wedding was perfect thanks to everyone at Italy Car Drivers. Thank you Rino for your careful attention to every detail. We miss you all already.

Susan D Boston, USA

Dear Rino,

Thank you very much for your services in Italy.
We loved the excursions and the cooking courses and most of all-spending the time with you and learning about your beautiful country. Janet has already made the Italian Meatballs and it has our sons’ nod of appreciation.

K. McDonald Sydney, Australia
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