Drive to Paestum and discover great Greek ruins and history dating back to 600 to 450 BC.  Walk along the archeological site of Paestum, once known as the city of Poseidonia in Magna Graecia.  This region of Southern Italy came under Greek influence as early as the 8th Century B.C.

The Archeological ruins of Paestum are of particular interest, thanks to a number of incredibly well preserved ancient Greek temples, some of which date back to the 6th Century B.C.  The temples are dedicated to Olympian gods and goddesses, while the site’s museum provides fascinating insight into the Greek ideals and philosophies dominant in this area at the time.  Take a break and visit one of Campania’s most important mozzarella producers – Vannulo.  Here you can sample fresh organic mozzarella on site.  At Vannulo, each buffalo has a name, its own rubber mat for napping and automatic brushes that pet their coats – truly the most spoiled buffalos in town!  This full day tour is a must-do on every food lover and history buff’s list!

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